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05/17/19 Updated Model Links, Prototype links.
08/29/16 Added 1906 Passenger Timetable.
08/02/16 Added Port Covington Map.
01/06/16 Added 1943 Passenger Timetable.
05/29/15 Added 1963 Bridge Ratings list (to form page).
04/27/15 Added 1963-1967 Tonnage Ratings list (to form page).
12/09/14 Added 1973 Coal Mine list (to form page).
11/21/13 Updated prototype library.
05/21/13 Updated available models.
03/11/13 Added Prototype painting info for buildings.
01/02/13 Updated model library, prototype library.
12/17/12 Updated available models.
09/19/12 Added a list of surviving WM Locomotives to the Rosters page.  Updated prototype paint information.
07/30/12 Added 1947 Dynamometer Tests to forms page.  Added Decal Information. Updated available models.
05/16/12 Updated Prototype Library.
03/08/12 Added 1939 Book of Rules, Revenue Coal & Coke Waybill, 1952 Request for Trip Pass, and 1971 Uniform Straight Bill of Lading to Forms page.
12/15/11 Updated passenger rosters (class and unit).
11/10/11 Added page on steam whistles to roster page.
10/15/11 Updated Available Models.
07/09/11 Updated Available Models, Freight Class Roster.
03/28/11 Updated Available Models, Prototype Library.
10/18/10 Updated the 1969 Hagerstown-Cumberland track chart (was incomplete).
12/12/09 Updated Available Models.
01/02/10 Added 1953 (Sept) Official Guide of the Railways, Updated Prototype Links and Model Painting.
12/12/09 Updated Available Models.
05/01/09 Updated Modeling Links.
04/16/09 Added J-1 Painting & Lettering Diagram.
04/15/09 Added link for new forums.
02/21/09 Added 2 more track charts.
09/20/08 Updated Prototype Library.
08/29/08 Updated Prototype Library.
08/13/08 Updated Passenger Rosters. Added Passenger Diagrams. Updated 1972 Equipment Diagrams.
08/02/08 Added MOW Diagrams.
07/28/08 Added 1972 Caboose Diagram, 1965 Diesel Diagrams, Other equipment diagrams (marine/trailer).
07/28/08 Added 8 sample pictures to prototype paint scheme page.
07/27/08 Added Elkins Diagram, Connellsville Map, 2 more trackcharts -- the ENTIRE WM is now online.
07/21/08 Updated Diesel Unit Roster. Added 1972 Equipment Diagrams, 1892 George's Creek RR Diagram, 1880 Timetable.
07/20/08 Changed site colors.
07/03/08 Updated Steam rosters, Prototype books. Added 1954 Steam Diagrams.
06/28/08 Added 1957 Locomotive Diagrams.
06/23/08 Added many more Track Charts, 1931 C&P ICC VAL, 1914 MOW Rules.
06/21/08 Added 1-1955 Port Covington-Hagerstown Track Chart.
               Added 1969-1970 Alphajet Freight Schedule. Updated N scale models. Added 1919 ORER.
               Corrected some spelling, grammer, and continuity issues in the history.
05/23/08 Updated the Prototype Links, Available Models, and Modeling Links pages.
               Added 1931 ICC Valuation Report to forms/publications page.
01/03/08 Fixed a bunch of centering problems on various pages.
               Added 24 more stencilling diagrams to prototype paint scheme page.
               Outstanding issues - searchable databases for rosters not completed.
12/17/07 Added ORER Listings and 1984 Equipment Diagrams to Prototype Equipment Roster page.
               Outstanding issues - searchable databases for rosters not completed.
10/26/07 Added first Diesel Stencilling Diagram to new Stencilling page off of prototype paint scheme page.
               Outstanding issues - searchable databases for rosters not completed.
05/09/07 Added the articles to Prototype Library and Modeling Library sections.
               Added counters to the bottom of each page.
               Outstanding issues - searchable databases for rosters not completed.
05/07/07 Added Prototype History.
04/28/07 Added WMRHS references to Prototype library.
04/24/07 Completed the Prototype Links page.
04/23/07 Completed the Freight Schedules page.
04/22/07 HTML editor lost 2 hours of work on I deleted it and downloaded a new one.  Also, started adding Freight Schedules.
04/21/07 Entire site is new...  Yet to be done: Proto History, Proto Library (Articles), Proto Links, Modeling Library (Articles).