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Howard Zane "My Life with Model Trains"
Howard Zane, 2006


Great Model Railroads Volume 3 -  Dean Freytag's South Ridge Lines and C.J. Riley's Kanawha & Western Allegheny
1989 Allen Keller Productions
Great Model Railroads Volume 10 -  The Cumberland Valley System of Bill and Wayne Reid
1992 Allen Keller Productions
Great Model Railroads Volume 12 -  Howard Zane's Piermont Divison of the Western Maryland
1993 Allen Keller Productions
Great Model Railroads Volume 37 -  The Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad Museum
2001 Allen Keller Productions
Great Model Railroads Volume 44 -   Howard Zane’s Piermont Division - Part 2
2003 Allen Keller Productions
Great Model Railroads Volume 58 -   Howard Zane’s Piermont Division - Part 3
2008 Allen Keller Productions


Ask Paint Shop: Wabash/AA Blue, WM Steam
Model Railroader, June 1999, page 124
Ask Paint Shop: Western Maryland F7B and FB-2 Units
Model Railroader, June 1991, page 137
Ask Paint Shop: Western Maryland F7B and FB2 Units
Model Railroader, November 1991, page 171
Bob Bales' Baltimore & Ohio and Western Maryland
Great Model Railroads, Janurary 2000, page 28
Boston & Maine and Western Maryland Coaches
Railmodel Journal, June 1997, page 49
Climbing Mountains on the Western Maryland
Model Railroader, December 2004, page 104
Detailing 55-ton Hoppers
Railroad Model Craftsman, Agusut 1995, page 54
Fabulous 5 x 9
Model Railroader, July 2004, page 66
Classic Toy Trains, July 2003, page 98
HO Scale SD40; An Upgrade of the IHC/Mehano Model
Railmodel Journal, June 1991, page 53
Kitbashing a Western Maryland Channel Side Hopper in O Scale
Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1999, page 58
Modeling a Modern Short Line in 2 1/2 Decks
Model Railroader, February 2013, page 64
Modeling Four Different Western Maryland Covered Hoppers
Railroad Model Craftsman, December 1988, page 98
Modeling the Western Maryland
S/Sn3 Modeling Guide, April 1994
Modeling the Western Maryland Scenic RR, 10x20 "L"
Railroad Model Craftsman, May 1992, page 77
Modeling the Western Maryland's DS29 and DS30 Diesels
Prototype Modeler, April 1978, page 44
Modeling With Life-Like's BL2
Model Railroading, November 1990, page 46
O Gauge Freight Set
Classic Toy Trains, January 1996, page 36
Paint Shop: L&N Gondola; WM Twin Hopper; Reading DF Boxcar
Model Railroader, June 1983, page 122
Paint Shop: Paint Shop Question & Answer Special
Model Railroader, July 1988, page 122
Paint Shop: Western Maryland SD40s in N Scale
Model Railroader, April 1996, page 140
Paint Shop: WM SD40; Precision GP7; CN RPO's
Model Railroader, December 1975, page 95
Passenger Car Conversions
35 Modelbuilding Projects, Volume 1, 1978, page 13
Performance Test Report: Ajin/Overland O Scale Brass Steam, WM 2-8-0
Model Railroading, July 1987, page 12
The Russian 2-10-0 from the Spectrum Model
Railmodel Journal,August 2001, page 18
Western Maryland - Thomas Subdivision
20 Custom Designed Track Plans, 1994, page 34
Western Maryland Bulkhead Flat
Mainline Modeler, March 1996, page 60
Western Maryland GP40 from Athearn's GP40-2 Kit
Railmodel Journal, September 1992, page 26
Western Maryland Well Hole Flat Car
Mainline Modeler, December 2001, page 32
Western Maryland Well Hole Flat Car, Modeling - Part Two
Mainline Modeler, January 2002, page 74
Western Maryland Well Hole Flat Car Modeling - Conclusion
Mainline Modeler, February 2002, page 67
W.M. Elkins Division Model Plan
NMRA Bulletin, April 1974, page 14
WM Hoppers in O Scale
Railroad ModelCraftsman, October 1987, page 86


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