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Western Maryland Railway

1984 Equipment Diagrams

While these are Chessie diagrams, they are accurate for the pre-merger equipment also.
The equipment diagrams came from a 1984 set, but many have dates in the mid 1970's.
They are listed by Chessie System classification.
For each Chessie class, WM class is indicated, as well as date of document.
Only equipment with WM reporting marks is included. All are available as .pdf files.

Equipment Summary
Summary Date: 1/1/1984.

Box Cars
B-109   WM Class B-30. Date: 9/24/1975. Rev: 5/16/1984.
B-112A WM Class B-38. Date: 9/24/1975. Rev: 5/16/1984.
B-113   WM Class B-18. Date: 1/14/1976.
B-114   WM Class B-17. Date: 1/15/1976.
B-115   WM Class B-19. Date: 1/15/1976.
B-116   WM Class B-20. Date: 1/15/1976.
B-117   WM Class B-21. Date: 1/15/1976.
B-118   WM Class B-22. Date: 1/15/1976. Rev: 4/6/1983.
B-119   WM Class B-23. Date: 1/16/1976.
B-120A WM Class B-25. Date: 1/19/1976. Rev: 4/6/1983.
B-121   WM Class B-26. Date: 1/19/1976. Rev: 3/2/1977.
B-122   WM Class B-27. Date: 1/20/1976. Rev: 4/6/1983.
B-123   WM Class B-28. Date: 1/20/1976. Rev: 4/6/1983.
B-124   WM Class B-29. Date: 1/21/1976.
B-125   WM Class B-31. Date: 1/21/1976.
B-126   WM Class B-32. Date: 1/22/1976.
B-126A WM Class B-35. Date: 1/26/1976. Rev: 1/15/1976.
B-127   WM Class B-36. Date: 1/26/1976.
B-128   WM Class B-37. Date: 1/27/1976. Rev: 5/16/1984.

C-13A   WM Class C-13A. Date: 10/7/1975. Rev: 5/18/1984.

Flat Cars
F-28A   WM Class F-7. Date: 1/21/1976.
F-29     WM Class F-8/F-9. Date: 10/3/1975.
F-30     WM Class F-11. Date: 1/23/1976.
F-31     WM Class F-12/F-13. Date: 1/20/1976. Rev: 3/30/1978.
F-32     WM Class F-15. Date: 10/2/1975.
F-32A   WM Class F-15. Date: 10/3/1975.
F-32B   WM Class F-15. Date: 10/3/1975.
F-33     WM Class F-17. Date: 1/22/1976.
F-34     WM Class F-19. Date: 1/23/1976.

G-32     WM Class G-6. Date: 9/25/1975. Rev: 5/22/1984.
G-33     WM Class G-12. Date: 9/24/1975.
G-34     WM Class G-19/G-25. Date: 9/24/1975. Rev: 5/23/1984.
G-34A   WM Class G-16. Date: 9/25/1975. Rev: 5/23/1984.
G-34B   WM Class G-15/G-17. Date: 9/25/1975.
G-37     WM Class G-22. Date: 9/29/1975.
G-38     WM Class G-30. Date: 9/29/1975. Rev: 6/6/1984.
G-39     WM Class G-39. Date: 9/30/1975. Rev: 3/29/1983.
G-40     WM Class G-31. Date: 10/1/1975.
G-40A   WM Class G-32. Date: 8/27/1975.
G-41     WM Class G-40. Date: 10/1/1975.
G-42     WM Class G-41. Date: 8/26/1975.

Open Hoppers
H-40A   WM Class N/A. Date: 6/20/1984.
H-47     WM Class N/A. Date: 4/13/1971. Rev: 6/7/1984.
H-48A   WM Class N/A. Date: 7/13/1979. Rev: 6/12/1980.
H-48B   WM Class N/A. Date: 6/5/1980. Rev: 1/27/1984.
H-50     WM Class N/A. Date: 5/27/1975. Rev: 5/7/1980.
H-51     WM Class H-21/H-22/H-24/H-27/H-28. Date: 8/18/1975. Rev: 5/7/1980.
H-52A   WM Class H-30. Date: 8/22/1975.
H-54     WM Class H-14/H-15/H-16. Date: 8/19/1975.
H-55     WM Class H-17. Date: 8/19/1975.
H-56     WM Class H-18. Date: 8/15/1975.
H-57     WM Class N/A. Date: 8/25/1975.
H-58     WM Class H-20. Date: 8/14/1975.
H-59     WM Class H-23. Date: 8/25/1975.
H-60     WM Class H-26. Date: 8/21/1975.

Covered Hoppers
HC-34   WM Class C-17. Date: 9/25/1975. Rev: 6/11/1984.
HC-35   WM Class C-4. Date: 9/25/1975.
HC-36   WM Class C-5/C-7/C-11. Date: 9/5/1975.
HC-37   WM Class C-8/C-10/C-12/C-13. Date: 10/6/1975. Rev: 3/18/1977.
HC-37B WM Class C-14. Date: 8/29/1975.
HC-39   WM Class C-15. Date: 10/1/1975.
HC-40   WM Class C-16. Date: 9/30/1975.
HC-41   WM Class C-19. Date: 9/28/1975. Rev: 6/11/1984.
HC-42   WM Class N/A. Date: 9/29/1975.
HC-43   WM Class N/A. Date: 12/2/1974. Rev: 3/31/1983.