The Alphabet Route

Reading Company

Model Painting

Pullman (olive drab) scheme: Floquil Pullman Green or Scalecoat Pullman Green

Yellow/Green scheme: Floquil Reefer Yellow/Dark Green or Southern Green or Polly Scale Reading Yellow/Reading Green or Scalecoat Reading Yellow/Reading Green

New Green scheme: Floquil Southern Green/Reefer Yellow or Modelflex Reading Green or Scalecoat Southern Green/Railbox Yellow

Freight Car Brown: Floquil Boxcar Red or Scalecoat Boxcar Red

Caboose Red: Floquil Caboose Red and Roof Brown or Scalecoat Caboose Red and Roof Brown

Grey: Floquil D&H Grey or Scalecoat D&H Grey

Blue: Scalecoat B&O Royal Blue

Creme (Faded Yellow): Floquil Reefer Yellow/Reefer White (mixed to suit)

Brown & Creme (Structures): Floquil Depot Buff and Roof Brown