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Reading Company

Modeling Library


Great Model Railroads #57 - Jim Hertzog
Allen Keller, 2007


0-6-0 Camelback in S Scale
S Gaugian, July/August 1988, page 18
An "O" Gauge Model Reading P7 Atlantic Locomotive
Railroad Model Craftsman, December 1933, page 9
Anthracite, Speed Lettering, and Factory Paint
Model Railroading, August 1991, page 54
Ask Paint Shop: Reading GP35
Model Railroader, March 1997, page 155
Bob Chaplick's Reading Railroad
48/ft., O Scale News, May/June 1986, page 27
Bob Kenderdine's kitbached Century 630
Railroad Model Craftsman, Novemeber 1986, page 56
Build a Country Station - Small Depot
Model Railroader, December 1965, page 52
Build a Reading Outside-braced Reefer
Model Railroader, October 1962, page 60
Building a Camelback Switcher
Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1939, page 7
Building a Reading 50 Foot Boxcar
Railroad Model Craftsman, May 1983, page 55
Building a Reading Company Water Tank
Railroad Model Craftsman, February 1990, page 88
Building an HO 2-8-0, part 1
Miniature Railroading, January 1941, page 17
Building an HO 2-8-0, part 2
Miniature Railroading, February 1941, page 7
Building an HO 2-8-0, part 3
Miniature Railroading, March 1941, page 17
Building an HO 2-8-0, part 4
Miniature Railroading, April/May 1941, page 6
Building the Reading Consolidation - an all gauge locomotive, part 1
Railroad Model Craftsman, February 1938, page 6
Building the Reading Consolidation - an all gauge locomotive, part 2
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 1938, page 12
Building the Reading Consolidation - an all gauge locomotive, part 3
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1938, page 33
Building Reading's BF Office
Railroad Model Craftsman, January 2001, page 56
Camelback Duo
48 ft., O Scale News, December 1990, page 36
The Classic Northeastern Caboose; Prototypes for Life-Like's Proto 2000 Model
Model Railroading, April 1992, page 24
Constructing a "O" gauge Atlantic locomotive, part 1
Railroad Model Craftsman, February 1934, page 37
Constructing a "O" gauge Atlantic locomotive, part 2
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 1934, page 43
Constructing a "O" gauge Atlantic locomotive, part 3
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1934, page 49
Constructing a "O" gauge Atlantic locomotive, part 4
Railroad Model Craftsman, July 1934, page 115
Detailing a Reading C-424
Model Railroader, July 1997, page 88
Detailing Reading's GP40-2
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 1991, page 70
Dollar Car: Build a stock car
Model Railroader, September 1953, page 40
Economy Caboose: build it yourself in miniature
Railroad Model Craftsman, July 1953, page 24
Gem Models HO Scale Reading B8-a 0-6-0 Camelback
NMRA Bulletin, February 1971, page 28
The HO Scale Reading Lines, 13 x 40 walk-in
Model Railroader, August 1994, page 54
The Idea File - turn a Mantua Camelback Mike into a Reading I8SA Consolidation
NMRA Bulletin, August 1982, page 22
Jerry Stangarity's HO scale Reading
Model Railroading, Janurary/February 1986, page 15
Kit Converstion: A Reading War Emergency Hopper
Railmodel Journal, April 2002, page 18
Mantua Reading Atlantic - Brass Boilered Engine from 40's
Model Railroader, September 1949, page 33
Model the Last of the Reading Switchers: SW1001 and MP15
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1988, page 56
Model "Diesels, Detail-by-detail": Athearn GP40-2 as Reading No. 3673
Railmodel Journal, July 1992, page 7
Modeling a Reading FA1
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 1994, page 81
Modeling a Reading SD45
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1993, page 54
Modeling an Early U30C
Railroad Model Craftsman, September 1987, page 50
Modeling four older Reading boxcars
Railroad Model Craftsman, November 1992, page 85
Modeling General Electric Locomotives in HO Scale
Model Railroading, January 1990, page 46
Modeling Multiple Unit Cars, part 2
Railmodel Journal, August 1997, page 18
Modeling Reading's Early Covered Hoppers
Model Railroader, September 1997, page 80
Modeling Reading's Steam Power Car
Railroad Model Craftsman, August 1990, page 68
Modeling Three Reading flats
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1995, page 65
Pacific Holiday
Classic Toy Trains, October 2002, page 96
Paint Shop: The "Bee Line" scheme on a Kato U30C
Model Railroader, February 1991, page 152
Reading and CNJ Two-bay Hoppers from Stewart's Kit
Railmodel Journal, June 1994, page 5
Reading Baggage Car from Bethlehem Car Works kit
Railmodel Journal, December 1992, page 6
Reading Class I-8 2-8-0 Kitbashed from Bowser PRR 2-8-0
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 1968, page 38
Reading coaches from Athearns
Model Railroader, March 1967, page 37
Reading GP-7 Phase I Unit
S Gaugian, November/December 1989, page 32
The Reading Lines, 9x30 Walk-in
Railroad Model Craftsman, December 1991, page 6
Reading RR, 10x20 Three Ctr Op Areas
Railroad Model Craftsman, February 1967, page 42
Reading SW-900
Mainline Modeler, September 1993, page 70
Reading's Atlantic 4-4-2
S Gaugian, January/February 1998, page 34
Reading's Atlantic Adventure
S Gaugian, January/February 1998, page 23
Rebuilding HO Scale Alco 420 and 424 Road Switchers
Model Railroader, July 1981, page 86
Remembering the Reading with Lionel
Model Railroader, December 1987, page 124
The Russian 2-10-0 from the Spectrum Model
Railmodel Journal, August 2001, page 18
Tamaqua Treasures - a layout design seminar
Railroad Model Craftsman, December 1998, page 60
The unintended patriot: Modeling Reading's "Russian Decapod" No. 1127
Railroad Model Craftsman, December 2002, page 58
YOUR Layout, On Tour: Bill Gruber's Reading at Tamaqua, Pennsylvania
Railmodel Journal, May 1991, page 24