The Alphabet Route

Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway

Symbol Freight Schedule

While the exact date of this schedule is unknown, it is obviously from the "alphabet route" time frame. As the schedule mentions a direct connection with the NKP, and mentions train AJ-4 from the WM, that likely places it somewhere between 1954 and 1961 (it matches the "P&WV Route" on the 1956 WM schedule perfectly).

Symbol Freight Schedule
AJ-12 from Chicago, St. Louis, Toledo connection at Toledo with southbound trains of Michigan lines
AJ-2 from Chicago, St. Louis, Toledo
AJ-4 from Chicago, St. Louis, Toledo
AJ-1 from Philadelphia daily except Sundays
AJ-3 from Philadelphia, Jersey City
BT-1 from Baltimore daily except Sundays
MS-1 from Pittsburgh (Rook Yard) connection at Toledo with northbound trains of Michigan line.