The Alphabet Route

New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad

Steam Diagrams

Index to K1d               L1a to Y4a              
Index L1a
A1 - A1a L1a (2nd)
A1a L1a (3rd)
A3 - A3a L1a (4th)
F5 R1
F5 (2nd) R1b
G4a R1b (2nd)
H10 R1b (3rd)
I1 R1b (4th)
I1 (2nd) R2
I2 R2 (2nd)
I3 R2 (3rd)
I3 (2nd) R2a
I4 R3a
I4 (2nd) T3
I4e T3 (2nd)
I4e (2nd) T4
I4f T4 (2nd)
I5 T4 (3rd)
J1 Y3
J1 (2nd) Y4
J2 Y4(2)
K1b Y4a
K1d (2nd)  


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