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New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad

Modeling Library


Great Model Railroads #40 - Bill Aldrich
Allen Keller, 2002
Great Model Railroads #43 - John Pryke
Allen Keller, 2003


20 years on the New Haven
Great Model Railroads, 2001
60-ft. Wood Coach - NYNH&H
Railroad Model Craftsman Roling Stock Manual of HO and O Gauge Plans, page 42
60-ton Twin Steel Hopper
Railroad Model Craftsman Roling Stock Manual of HO and O Gauge Plans, page 25
84-ft. Lightweight Coach - NYNH&H
Railroad Model Craftsman Roling Stock Manual of HO and O Gauge Plans, page 50
1900-Era truss rod box cars from styrene, La Belle or Trout Creek
Railmodel Journal, July 2005, page 10
A Modeler of New Haven revisited, superdetailed 0-8-0 model
Model Railroader, April 1973, page 59
A New Haven style caboose for the Port Richmond
Railroad Model Craftsman, August 1996, page 80
Accurate period modeling, the New Haven on 9/3/48
Model Railroader, February 1993, page 87
Add this yard to your road
Railroad Model Craftsman, July 1940, page 20
Ask Paint Shop: New Haven EF-4 electric locomotives
Model Railroader, June 1997, page 125
Ask Paint Shop: New Haven EP-1 - pioneering electric
Model Railroader, March 2000, page 140
Beneath the Singing Wire - New Haven EP-3
48/ft., O Scale News, December 1994, page 53
Bill Aldrich's New Haven RR, 21x25 ctr op
Model Railroader, September 1980, page 58
Bill Aldrich's new New Haven
Model Railroader, January 2001, page 66
Blue Book of Model RR Practice 81: NH FL-9, MILW Alco diesel color chart
Model Railroader, August 1961, page 57
Bob Rivard's Freight Cars: PS4427 Covered Hopper; NH 40' Boxcar
Railmodel Journal, December 2002, page 23
Broadway Limited Imports' HO scale brass I-5
Model Railroader, December 2007, page 104
Build a fleet of New Haven NE6 cabooses
N Scale Railroading, July/August 2005, page 55
Building A New Haven Wood Box Car
Prototype Modeler, October 1980, page 38
Canaan Junction - prototype ideas for your railroad
Model Railroader, April 1958, page 36
E-33 C-C Electric locomotive: HO scale
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 2003, page 98
Easy AHM New Haven coaches
Prototype Modeler, September/October 1982, page 36
Fairbanks Morse Diesel Passenger Locomotive
How to Build Model Railroads and Equipment, page 140
High Noon on the New Haven, 18x28
Model Railroader, January 1992, page 80
How I built a New Haven covered gon
S Gaugian, November/December 2004, page 30
"Little Gem" Wooden Daycoach
How to Build Model Railroads and Equipment, page 47
Modeling 40-foot PS-1 Boxcars, pt. IX
Railmodel Journal, November 1994, page 42
Modeling a 90-ton depressed center flat car
Railroad Model Craftsman, June 1998, page 63
Modeling a New Haven C-Liner
Railroad Model Craftsman, July 2011, page 42
Modeling ConnDOT's "New Haven" P32DM
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 2002, page 52
Modeling modern Bombardier commuter cars
Railroad Model Craftsman, May 1995, page 66
Modeling New Haven's CPA-24-5 passenger locomotive
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 2001, page 57
Modeling New York Central and New Haven depressed-center flat cars
N Scale Railroading, November/December 2004, page 40
Modeling New York City in S scale
Great Model Railroads, 1992, page 70
Modeling the versatile 4-8-2
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 1971, page 45
New Haven 2-10-2: Kitbashing a 2-10-2 locomotive
N Scale, March/April 2000
New Haven Caboose
The Model Craftsman Model Railroad Plan Package, page 34
New Haven ex-troop sleeper equipment
N Scale Railroading, January/February 2005, page 54
New Haven Insulated Boxcar
Mainline Modeler, January 1995, page 40
New Haven Passenger Train Photo Essay: Scratchbuilt models
N Scale Railroading, September/October 2000
New Haven railroad
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 1946, page 38
New Haven under wire
Model Railroader, August 2004, page 44
New Haven's Cape Cod branch
Model Railroader, October 2006, page 68
The New Haven's Waterbury Branch
Model Railroader, January 1999, page 94
The New York, New Haven & Hartford, 10x20
Railroad Model Craftsman, September 1969, page 42
NYNH&H 80 ft. Wood RR. Roof Arch Window Diner
Railroad Model Craftsman Roling Stock Manual of HO and O Gauge Plans, page 34
NYNH&H 1935 Arch Roof Coach
Railroad Model Craftsman Roling Stock Manual of HO and O Gauge Plans, page 36
O gauge New Haven rectifier electric locomotive
Classic Toy Trains, May 2001, page 110
O gauge rectifier locomotive
Classic Toy Trains, March 2001, page 102
Paint Shop: American Flyer cars in HO Scale: TH&B GP7's and 9's
Model Railroader, January 1998, page 156
Paint Shop: Model a New Haven C-425
Model Railroader, October 1995, page 148
Paint Shop: New Haven "McGinnis" PA-1 in HO
Model Railroader, September 1992, page 132
Paint Shop: New Haven RS-3 in HO
Model Railroader, April 1986, page 130
Paint Shop: New Haven SW1200 in HO scale
Model Railroader, August 1990, page 120
Paint Shop: New Haven's GE 44-tonners
Model Railroader, July 1994, page 144
Paint Shop: NH AlcoFA/FB-2 diesels; SR covered hopper
Model Railroader, February 1983, page 126
Paint Shop: New Haven "McGinnis" PA-1 in HO
Model Railroader, September 1992, page 132
Paint Shop: SCL covered hoppers; New Haven cabooses
Model Railroader, June 1982, page 111
Prototypes for USRA "Light" 4-8-2 Mountain from Spectrum
Railmodel Journal, December 1999, page 22
Pullman-Standard PS-2 two-bay covered hoppers from Kadee models
Railmodel Journal, December 2003, page 11
Seven pike-size passenger trains
Model Railroader, June 2007, page 42
Test Report: Broadway Limited New Haven 4-6-4
Railmodel Journal, November 2007, page 20
USRA 0-8-0 locomotives from the Heritage, by Proto 2000, models
Railmodel Journal, August 2000, page 50
Wood & Composite Coaches, 1880-1960
Railmodel Journal, June 2003, page 12