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Donald J. Krofta's Nickel Plate Road Steam & Diesel Vol 1, 2, & 3
Herron Rail Video
Extra 965 West!
Hopewell Productions
The Late Great Nickel Plate
Revelation Audio-Visuals, 1950's - transfered to DVD
Life Begins at Forty
Hopewell Productions
Nickel Plate Road
NPR, 1950's - transfered to DVD
The Nickel Plate Story
Mark I Video
"The Nickel Plate" Steam/Diesel Vintage
Green Frog Productions
Vignettes of the Nickel Plate Road
Clear Block Productions


The Berkshire Era 1934-1958
Carrollton Standard Printing Co.
Berkshires of the Nickel Plate Road
TLC Publishing
Cabooses of the Nickel Plate Road
Tioga Publishing
Depots of the Nickel Plate Road
Silver Brook Junction Publishing Co.
The History of a Great Railroad
Circulation Publishing & Marketing, 2007
Invisible Giants - The Empires of Cleveland's Van Sweringen Brothers
Indiana University Press
Nickel Plate Color Photography of Willis A. McCaleb, Volume 1 Buffalo-Bellevue
Morning Sun Books
Nickel Plate Color Photography of Willis A. McCaleb, Volume 2 Bellevue-Chicago-Wheeling District
Morning Sun Books
Nickel Plate Color Photography of Willis A. McCaleb, Volume 3 Others: Railfan Perspective
Morning Sun Books
The Nickel Plate Road
World Publishing Co./Circulation Publishing & Marketing
The Nickel Plate Road, A Short History of the New York, Chicago & St Louis Railroad
The Newcomen Society in North America
Nickel Plate Road Publicity Photos 1943-1952 Volume 1
TLC Publishing, Inc.
Nickel Plate Road Publicity Photos 1943-1952 Volume 2
TLC Publishing, Inc.
The Nickel Plate Story
Passenger Cars of the Nickel Plate Road
Tioga Publications
Passenger Service The Postwar Years
TLC Publishing, Inc.
Railroading in Conneaut
Arcadia Publishing
Reflections - The Nickel Plate Years Clover Leaf Division
Reflections - The Nickel Plate Years LE & W Division
Reflections - The Nickel Plate Years Nickel Plate Division


36-Foot Harriman (and variations) Stock Cars
Model Railroading, January 1989, page 49
52'-6" 70-Ton Drop-End De Facto Standard 70-ton Mill Gondolas
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia - Volume 3, page 52
759 close-up
Trains, May 1971, page 36
1935 50/60 ton AAR Two-Bay Offset Hoppers, Part 3, Circa 1934-1960
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia - Volume 4, page 86
1935 50/60 ton AAR Two-Bay Twin Hoppers, Part 1
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia - Volume 1, page 82
AAR 1937 Box Car Variations
Mainline Modeler, October 1991, page 44
AAR-"Style" 13 Rib Gondola Variations
Model Railroading, January 1989, page 21
Al Barker's Page of Plans - NYC&STL Consolidation
NMRA Bulletin, March 1968, page 25
The Alco PA-1 in NKP, PRR, D&RGW and SP Daylight colors
Railroad Modeler, June 1972, page 42
Alco RS36 with RS36/RS32 roster
Mainline Modeler, August 1988, page 46
Alco's Century 420 road switcher
Model Railroader, February 1985, page 84
An unlikely and final meeting of tonnage veterans
Trains, June 1976, page 20
Angola, New York Depot
Mainline Modeler, February 2004, page 65
Bad Coal
Classic Trains Magazine, Spring 2002, page 58
Bellevue, Ohio
Trains, November 1949, page 12
Blue Book of Model RR Practice 49: Soo F-unit, NKP Geep color charts
Model Railroader, March 1959, page 69
The born-again Berkshire
Trains, May 1980, page 22
Box Cars of X29 design, part II
Railmodel Journal, June 1998, page 24
Brewster bygones
Trains, April 1973, page 16
Building a better boxcar
Classic Trains Magazine, Summer 2004, page 56
C&O/NKP Flat Car, a Standard 70-ton Flat
Mainline Modeler, January 2005, page 38
Cars in Context: Fort Wayne, Indiana, circa 1958
Railmodel Journal, February 1990, page 6
Cars in Context: Reefer Blocks on the NKP, (c. 1957), in color
Railmodel Journal, JUne 1989, page 12
Classics today: Fort Wayne's Berkshire bounces back
Classic Trains Magazine, Summer 2006, page 40
The Clover Leaf and its split personality
Classic Trains Magazine, Fall 2000, page 62
Clover Leaf Route - Freight Cars
Mainline Modeler, December 1998, page 35
Covered Gondola Coil Cars
Mainline Modeler, December 1996, page 38
Crossing Tower Photos: In Support of August issue drawings
Mainline Modeler, November 1986, page 66
David, this is a rare photo
Trains, September 1981, page 39
Diesels, One-Detail-At-A-Time: Alco RS-11 as NKP 858 and 859
Railmodel Journal, February 2006, page 24
Doyle's Dream
Trains, January 2001, page 30
The Early SD Units, Part 10, Montana Rail Link, N&W, NKP, SR, NWP
Model Railroading, August 1998, page 44
Electro-Motive 2250-hp. road switcher, model GP30
Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 2: Diesel Locomotives, page 134
EMD SD-9, Part 2
Diesel Era, November/December 1996, page 36
EMD's SD-9
Mainline Modeler, November 1989, page 33
EMD's SW1 Phase III
Mainline Modeler, July 1992, page 40
The engines that saved a railroad
Trains, October 1962, page 18
Evolution of RR Herald - Norfolk & Western
NMRA Bulletin, April 1978, page 25
First 56, engine 758
Trains, October 1962, page 33
Freight Cars of the Fifties: 1932 AAR 40-Foot Boxcars
Model Railroading, August 1988, page 38
Freight Cars of the Fifties: PS-1 40 Foot Box Cars, IX
Model Railroading, July 1987, page 25
Fremont freight house
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 1984, page 86
Geeps Hard at Work
GM Geeps: The General Purpose Diesel, page 20
Glory days: Fastest thing on earth
Classic Trains Magazine, Fall 2005, page 20
Grandeur and glory of a railroad I never knew
Trains, January 1986, page 22
The Green Springs Depot On the Nickel Plate
Mainline Modeler, May 1985, page 41
Greenville's GV-2 Two-Bay Covered Hoppers
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia - Volume 3, page 19
Have Berkshire, will travel
Trains, July 1992, page 56
History of 40-foot box cars, 1933 - 1948, part II
Model Railroading, April 1989, page 44
Hoosier hot spot
Classic Trains Magazine, Summer 2002, page 76
Hot times on Norfolk Southern's Nickel Plate line
Trains, October 1997, page 38
IC-NKP-NYC Dean Tower: A photo essay
Mainline Modeler, January/February 1980, page 62
June 15, 1958
Trains, October 1988, page 26
Lafeyette, Indiana: NKP & NYC operation
Mainline Modeler, November 1988, page 68
LE&W/NKP 35-foot cabooses
Mainline Modeler, March 2003, page 48
Life with the 765
Trains, July 1992, page 50
Lima delivers its latest 2-8-4s to the Nickel Plate
Trains, September 1949, page 49
Lima's Last Steam Locomotive
Classic Trains Magazine, March 2000
Lineside: Nickel Plate's Vermillion, Ohio depot
Prototype Modeler, August/September 1985, page 16
Mail Trains on the GN and NKP
Model Railroading, December 1988, page 30
Mainline Album: Across the Rocky River Viaduct
Mainline Modeler, September 2000, page 26
Mainline Album: Nickel Plate Road Yard Circa 1950
Mainline Modeler, June 1999, page 62
Mainline Album: NKP high girder bridge
Mainline Modeler, July 1999, page 69
Mainline Album: NKP PA-1 at Mentor, Ohio
Mainline Modeler, March 2000, page 40
My first Berkshire
Classic Trains Magazine, Summer 2006, page 30
New York, Chicago & St Louis freight No 703, Class S, 1934
100 Years of Steam Locomotives, Collector's Edition
New York, Chicago & St Louis Railroad/Nickel Plate Road
The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, Second Edition, page 289
Nickel Plate 2-8-4
Model Railroader, July 1957, page 38
Nickel Plate 4-6-4
Mainline Modeler, June 1987, page 58
Nickel Plate 4-6-4, Part 2
Mainline Modeler, July 1987, page 22
Nickel Plate Caboose: 1880's to N&W Merger
Mainline Modeler, March 1986, page 30
Nickel Plate Cabooses 1000 series
Mainline Modeler, February 2003, page 48
Nickel Plate Composite Hopper: 1917 to 1960's
Mainline Modeler, January 1984, page 33
Nickel Plate Geeps earned their stripes
Prototype MOdeler, January/February 1985, page 14
Nickel Plate Interlocking Tower at Green River, Ohio
Mainline Modeler, June 1985, page 35
Nickel Plate L-1 4-6-4, Part 1
Mainline Modeler, June 1987, page 58
Nickel Plate PA Painting
Mainline Modeler, July 1987, page 68
Nickel Plate Road
Railroad Model Craftsman, November 1967, page 26
Nickel Plate Road by Bob Lorenz
Railroad Heritage, Spring 2001, page 10
Nickel Plate Road's Alco RS-11s and RS-36s
Diesel Era, March/April 2005, page 7
Nickel Plate single-sheathed boxcar
Railroad Model Craftsman, June 1979, page 58
Nickel Plate - The Diesel years 1942-64
Diesel Era, November/December 1993, page 33
Nickel plated restoration
Trains, June 2006, page 54
Nickel Plate's Wingate, Ind. depot
Model Railroader, Maarch 1995, page 108
NKP 2-8-2 Class H-6: Photo essay of their USRA Light modification
Mainline Modeler, September/October 1980, page 80
NKP 2-8-2, Class H6e
Mainline Modeler, September 2000, page 61
NKP 2-8-4
Mainline Modeler, December 1988, page 54
"NKP" 2-8-4 Berkshires on the NKP, C&O, PM, Virginian, and HV
Railmodel Journal, November 2003, page 22
NKP 2-8-4 Classes S1, S2, S3
Model Railroad Cyclopedia - Volume 1: Steam Locomotives, page 90
NKP 4-6-0: From the Fast Freight Road
Mainline Modeler, August/September 1982, page 35
NKP 4-6-4
Mainline Modeler, May 1991, page 61
NKP 451-500 series modern steel bay window caboose
Railroad Model Craftsman, September 1973, page 50
NKP 587 Pictorial
Mainline Modeler, July 1989, page 75
NKP 759 is alive and well
Trains, March 1969, page 29
NKP Auto Car, 87000 and 87100 Series
Mainline Modeler, August 2006, page 38
NKP Barce Depot: Built around 1910
Mainline Modeler, February 1988, page 48
NKP Box Car Repair
Mainline Modeler, March 1994, page 28
NKP/C&O 1932 ARA Box Car
Mainline Modeler, December 1993, page 39
NKP cross buck - Standard of standards
Mainline Modeler, November 1986, page 40
NKP PS-1 Upgrade: To Save Factory Paint
Mainline Modeler, November 1988, page 55
NKP standard elevated gate tower
Mainline Modeler, August 1986, page 76
NKP Stock Car
Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1956, page 41
NKP USRA 2-8-2 - The Tender - Coal Space and Coal Gate
Mainline Modeler, June 2000, page 45
NKP's Wheeling & Lake Erie storage sheds
Mainline Modeler, April 1992, page 70
The one best place to watch trains
Trains, December 1980, page 28
Our friend, the 587
Trains, May 1989, page 50
PA/PB 1 & 2, Part 2
Mainline Modeler, January 1987, page 40
Pennsylvania-type X-29 Early All-Steel Box Cars
Model Railroading, April 1987, page 52
Perdueville Nickel Plate Road Station
S Gaugian, January/February 1984, page 28
Pere Marquette 2-8-4 and Nickel Plate 2-8-4
Trains, August 1943, page 25
Postwar 50-ton 50-foot AAR box cars, part III
Railmodel Journal, August 1999, page 46
Protofile 63: Nickel Plate composite boxcar
Railroad Model Craftsman, July 1992, page 76
Pullman's PS-5, Nickel Plate 1964
Mainline Modeler, January 1997, page 58
Railfans' Saturday night
Trains, February 1946, page 31
Railroad blueprint: Heart of the Nickel Plate
Trains, September 2003, page 26
Railroad Reading: The Berk's impact
Trains, April 2005, page 67
Railroad reading: Racing a runaway
Trains, March 2002, page 71
Restaurant on Wheels
Railroad Model Craftsman, September 1938, page 44
Mainline Modeler, September 1987, page 58
S-1: Alco's First Standard Switcher, Part 16
Model Railroading, March 2004, page 44
Selected Railroad Reading: A gift from the Nickel Plate
Trains, December 1999, page 62
Selected railroad reading: Ramsey Tower
Trains, April 1995, page 44
Steam Still Rules on the Nickel Plate
HO Monthly/Model Trains, March 1956, page 28
Super power, super survivor
Trains, July 1992, page 48
Templeton Depot: Central Indiana Junction
Mainline Modeler, February 1986, page 33
Temporary station - NKP
Railroad Model Craftsman, November 1962, page 20
Turntable: my engine back in service
Trains, August 1986, page 66
The ubiquitous NKP Berkshire
Model Railroader, March 1969, page 30
Those Nickel Plate Hudsons
NMRA Bulletin, May 1977, page 16
Trains of Though: Hump yard on the NKP?
Model Railroader, August 2007, page 92
Two PAs return for restoration
Railroad Heritage, Spring 2001, page 15
USRA 0-8-0 Copies: Similar but not in appearance
Mainline Modeler, June/July 1982, page 60
USRA 2-8-2 Light
Model Railroad Cyclopedia - Volume 1: Steam Locomotives, page 68
USRA Light 2-8-2 Originals: Typical Modifications
Mainline Modeler, June 1985, page 44
Vintage Box Car Painting and Lettering
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia - Volume 3, page 32
The way it was: Second 68 and the Lafayette helper
Classic Trains Magazine, Fall 2003, page 90
Wheeling & Lake Erie depot
Railroad Model Craftsman, February 1961, page 36