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Nickel Plate Road

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Great Model Railroads #14 - Tony Koester's Allegheny Midland Railroad
Allen Keller, 1993


32-foor trailers from the fifties
Railmodel Journal, March 1999, page 19
40-ton Single Deck Stock Car
Railroad Model Craftsman Rolling Stock Manual of HO and O Gauge Plans, page 22
70-ton Dry Bulk (Cement) Hopper
Railroad Model Craftsman Rolling Stock Manual of HO and O Gauge Plans, page 24
AC&F "Type III" wood reefers built 1927-1931
Railroad Journal, May 2000, page 14
Ask Paint Shop: Nickel Plate caboose correction
Model Railroader, January 1992, page 168
Ask Paint Shop: Nickel Plate hood unit color
Model Railroader, November 1997, page 168
Ask Paint Shop: NKP switchers, paint and striping
Model Railroader, January 1991, page 181
Auto Parts Box Car
Mainline Modeler, July 1996, page 38
Automobile Cars, AAR 50-Foot Steel
Railmodel Journal, March 1996, page 50
Berkshire 2-8-4: HO scale
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 2004, page 98
Diesel Detail Close-up: Alco RS-11 as Nickel Plate No. 573
Model Railroading, September 1988, page 30
Frankfort, Ind., in the Nickel Plate Road
The Model Railroader's Guide to Freight Yards, page 56
Fun with 50-footers - detail three contemporary boxcars
Railroad Model Craftsman, August 1988, page 52
Greenville-Design Mill Gondolas, part 2
Railmodel Journal, November 1996, page 24
Greenville Steel Car Company Mill Gons from Proto 2000 by Life-Like
Model Railroading, March 1997, page 29
Heritage, by Proto 1000, NKP 2-8-4 Berkshire Test Report
Railmodel Journal, January 2005, page 24
Hub of the Nickel Plate
Model Railroader, September 2003, page 90
Intermodel Modeling: NKP 42-Foot Piggyback Flats from Red Caboose Kits
Railmodel Journal, October 2001, page 11
Kitbashing a 50 Ton Flat Car
Mainline Modeler, November 1997, page 26
Life Like 0-8-0 Ideas - W&LE, NKP
Mainline Modeler, July 2000, page 39
Life Like HO-scale 2-8-4 Berkshire locomotive
NMRA Bulletin, July 2004, page 11
Mather Stock Cars, part 2, Double-deck Cars
Railmodel Journal, May 1997, page 12
Mill Gondolas, Greenville Design Cars from HO Scale Proto 2000 Kits
Railmodel Journal, January 1996, page 26
Modeling a Bluebird
Model Railroading, August 1991, page 22
Modeling a Nickel Plate Road Alco RSD12
Model Railroading, November 1995, page 26
Modeling a Nickel Plate Road GP9
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Modeling a Nickel Plate Road Phase III GP9
Model Railroader, September 2000
Modeling a Nickel Plate RSD12 and bay-window caboose
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Modeling Alco's Century Diesels
Model Railroader, February 1985, page 88
Modeling the Nickel Plate Road Fairbanks-Morse H-10-44 Diesel Switcher
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Modeling with Life-Like's Proto 2000 Nickel Plate Road SD9
Model Railroading, December 1997, page 21
Modifying Athearn's USRA 2-8-2, Part One
Mainline Modeler, February 2000, page 67
Modifying Athearn's USRA 2-8-2, Part Two
Mainline Modeler, March 2000, page 53
Modifying Athearn's USRA 2-8-2, Part Four
Mainline Modeler, May 2000, page 52
Modifying Athearn's USRA 2-8-2 the tender
Mainline Modeler, May 2001, page 70
Nickel Plate 1000 Series
Mainline Modeler, June 1986, page 28
NKP #7300-7499 Box Cars, detailing variations
Mainline Modeler, August 1991, page 30
Nickel Plate Berkshire - a steam upgrade
Mainline Modeler, July 1990, page 30
Nickel Plate GP-9
Mainline Modeler, November 1994, page 56
Nickel Plate NW-2
Mainline Modeler, May 1994, page 65
Nickel Plate Reefer - refrigeration trailer of the 1960's
Mainline Modeler, October 1991, page 20
Nickel Plate Road - Conneaught Terminal
20 Custom Designed Track Plans, page 30
Nickel Plate Road PA-1s
Model Railroader, November 1998, page 102
NKP 700 Series Caboose
Mainline Modeler, April 1994, page 56
NKP Alco & EMD rebuilds - Modeling these unique engines
Mainline Modeler, February 1987, page 72
NKP box car detailing
Mainline Modeler, February 1990, page 32
NKP boxcar modeling
Mainline Modeler, April 1988, page 75
NKP C-420 Detailing: Making brass specific
Mainline Modeler, July 1988, page 43
NKP caboose 826-918 series
Mainline Modeler, October 1998, page 74
NKP caboose from Atlas Model
Railmodel Journal, July 2007, page 60
NKP-NYC-GACX Covered Hopper - Lettering and detailing
Mainline Modeler, February 1991, page 36
NKP's Oak Harbor
Mainline Modeler, April 1992, page 67
NKP's Wood Caboose - Radio Equipped
Mainline Modeler, May 1992, page 59
Paint Shop: Modeling a Nickel Plate Road Baldwin AS-16
Model Railroader, June 1998, page 128
Paint Shop: Nickel Plate "Bluebirds"
Model Railroader, July 1991, page 134
Paint Shop: Nickel Plate caboose
Model Railroader, November 1991, page 168
Paint Shop: Nickel Plate Road Geep and caboose
Model Railroader, May 1985, page 130
Premier Line O gauge 2-8-4 Berkshire
Classic Toy Trains, March 2000, page 110
Proto 2000 NKP 2-8-4 Berkshire test report
Railmodel Journal, May 2004, page 40
Prototypes for Bachmann's Spectrum 2-8-0
Railmodel Journal, August 1998, page 20
Pullman Standard PS-5 Gondolas in N scale from Micro-Trains Models
Railmodel Journal, September 1999, page 21
Resin Bashing
Mainline Modeler, November 1996, page 36
Review: Life-Like Proto 2000 Van Sweringen 2-8-4
Model Railroading, May 2004, page 17
RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award: Kitbashing two NKP mail and express cars
Railroad Model Craftsman, January 2005, page 84
USRA 2-6-6-2 prototypes for the Spectrum models
Railmodel Journal, December 2003, page 47
War Emergency and WPB 40-foot box cars
Railmodel Journal, April 2003, page 42