The Alphabet Route

Lehigh & Hudson River Railway

Prototype Painting Information

Except for where noted below, I do not have an accurate timeframe for the painting of L&HR equipment nor do I have good descriptions.

From pictorial evidence, early steam locomotives were painted black and had either "L. & H.R." or "L & HR Ry" on tender and a number on the side of the cab. In later years, steam locomotives had "L & HR" on the tender and a number on the side of the cab.

When the Alco RS-3's were delivered in 1950, they were painted a Brunswick Green (PRR Dark Green) with Dulux Gold "cat-whiskers" similar to those used by the PRR. The short hood stripes were similar to the CNJ's road switchers. The new Herald (intersecting lightening bolt at top of this page would come later) was also similar to the PRR's Keystone emblem. In the 1960's #3 and #10 were repainted for the railroad's centennial with a fresh coat of Brunswick green paint. They lost the stripes. Heralds were painted on sides of the hoods. The roadname was painted on the side and the "radio equipped" version of the Herald was painted on the sides.

Cabooses were painted red. Freight equipment was painted black.

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