The Alphabet Route

Central Railroad of New Jersey

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01/02/13 Updated Prototype library.
07/30/12 Added Decal Information.
11/10/10 Updated Prototype library.
04/15/09 Added link to new forums.
07/27/08 Added 1942 Freight Classification Guide. This is a TERRIFIC book covering blocking info for all
               Symbol Freights, Transfer Runs, and Traveling Shifters!!!!!
07/23/08 Added 1972 Freight Diagrams.
07/21/08 Changed 1940 Freight Diagrams to individual files. Added 1964/1970 Freight Diagrams.
07/07/08 Added passenger rosters.
07/05/08 Added 1859-1871 Steam Rosters. Updated steam rosters.
07/03/08 Updated Prototype books. Added 1944 Loco Diagrams.
07/02/08 Added Freight, Caboose, MOW rosters. Added 1931 ICC Valuation Report.
               Added 5-1927 Freight Car list, CNJ Predecessor Steam Rosters, 5 Equipment lists..
06/21/08 Added 1969-70 Alphajet Freight Timetable.
               Added 1927 Freight Roster, 1940 Freight Diagrams. Updated available models.
05/23/08 Updated the available models and forms/publications pages.
               Added History page.
02/20/08 Just started to post site... Everything is new at this point.