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Central Railroad of New Jersey

Modeling Library


0-6-0 Camelback in S Scale
S Gaugian, July/August 1988, page 18
40-Ft. 1 1/2 Door ARA Boxcar in HO or N Scale
Railmodel Journal, August 2004, page 36
40-Ft. 1 1/2 Door Steel Automobile Car
Railroad Model Craftsman Rolling Stock Manual of HO and O Gauge Plans, page 12
40-ft Composite Box Cars from Tichy and Accurail Kits
Railmodel Journal, February 2003, page 22
A Jersey City Camelback in HO
Railroad Model Craftsman, July 1954, page 27
Anthracite Freight Power - Jercey Central Center-cab 2-8-0
48/Ft., O Scale News, June 1995, page 36
The Blue Comet, Constructing the Tender
Railroad Model Craftsman, November 1933, page 48
The Blue Comet, Part 1
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 1933, page 42
Building a Caboose
Model Railroader, August 1939, page 387
Building a Caboose
How To Build Model Railroad Models, page 39
Building a Diesel-Electric Switcher, part 2
Railroad Model Craftsman, June 1942, page 12
Central RR of New Jersey 30 Ton Boxcar
Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1963, page 30
CNJ 40-foot Box Cars from Red Caboose and Walthers Kits
Railmodel Journal, November 2002, page 21
CNJ Newark Terminal
Track Design Book, page 57
Constructing an 'O' Gauge Blue Comet Locomotive
Railroad Model Craftsman, September 1933, page 36
Jersey Central Cabooses in HO Scale
Model Railroader, May 1987, page 86
The Jersey Central's Seashore Line, 16x20 Pt-Pt
Model Railroader, September 1985, page 58
Kitbashing a Push-Pull Commuter Cab Car
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1990, page 74
Kitbashing Central of New Jersey Composite Gondolas
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1996, page 80
Let's Model the Newark Branch, 8x10 "U"
Model Railroader, June 1986, page 63
Modeling a CNJ Class B-6a 0-6-0 Switcher
Railroad Model Craftsman, November 1999, page 75
Modeling a CNJ SW9
Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1999, page 56
Modeling an HO Scale Jersey Central GP7
Railroad Model Craftsman, July 2001, page 54
Modeling CNJ's 1926 Steel Boxcars
Railroad Model Craftsman, November 1988, page 60
Modeling CNJ's F3's
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 1991, page 58
Modeling the First Diesel, Drawing on Page 34, part 1
Model Railroader, April 1956, page 20
Modeling the First Diesel, Part 2, Conclusion
Model Railroader, May 1956, page 47
Modeling the Jersey Central's Back-track Behemoths, Part 1
Railroad Model Craftsman, September 2005, page 50
Modeling the Jersey Central's Back-track Behemoths, Part 2
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 2005, page 66
"OO" Gauge Automobile Car
Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1937, page 10
Paint Shop: Central RR of New Jersey RS-3 in HO Scale
Model Railroader, March 1993, page 156
Pullman Standard PS-2 Two-bay Covered Hoppers from Kadee Models
Railmodel Journal, December 2003, page 11
Reading and CNJ Two-bay Hoppers from Stewart's Kits
Railmodel Journal, June 1994, page 5
Scratchbuilding to Achieve that "Historical Look"
Railroad Model Craftsman, July 2000, page 69
USRA 'Heavy' 2-8-2 Mikados from Broadway Limited Models
Railmodel Journal, October 2003, page 20
War Emergency Composite Mill Gondolas from Tichy's Kit, Part II
Railmodel Journal, June 2002, page 19