The Alphabet Route

Central Railroad of New Jersey

1944 Steam Locomotive Diagrams

Classes A-K               Classes L-P              
Summary L-3 (4-6-0C)
A-1 (0-4-0T) L-4 (4-6-0C)
B-2 (0-6-0C) L-5d (4-6-0C)
B-3 (0-6-0C) L-5e (4-6-0C)
B-3a (0-6-0C) L-6a (4-6-0C)
B-3b (0-6-0C) L-7 (4-6-0C)
B-4 (0-6-0C) L-7a (4-6-0C)
B-5 (0-6-0) L-8 (4-6-0C)
B-6 (0-6-0) M-1 (2-8-2)
B-7 (0-6-0) M-2 (2-8-2)
E-1 (0-8-0) M-2a (2-8-2)
E-2 (0-8-0) M-3 (2-8-2)
E-3 (0-8-0) M-3a (2-8-2)
E-4 (0-8-0) OE-1 (Oil/Electric)
E-4a (0-8-0) OE-2 (EMD Diesel)
G-1 (4-6-2) OE-2a (EMD Diesel)
G-2 (4-6-2) OE-2b (EMD Diesel)
G-3 (4-6-2) OE-3 (ALCO Diesel)
G-4 (4-6-2) OE-4 (ALCO Diesel)
H-1 (4-6-4T) OE-5 (Baldwin Diesel)
I-4 (2-8-0C) OE-6 (EMD Diesel)
I-6 (2-8-0C) OE-7 (Baldwin Diesel)
J-1 (2-6-2T) OE-8 (Alco Diesel)
K-1 (4-8-0C) P-6 (4-4-2C)
K-1a (4-8-0C)  


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